Are you a parent, carer, professional, volunteer or family member?

This is what our members say about us…

"Over the past two years Special Friends has been a great support to me.

Being a carer can be so isolating and to go online and be able to speak to other people in the same position as me, has made a huge difference in being able to cope in really challenging times."

Why Join?

Parents, Carers and Family members

We provide you with a private area, forums and private chat room to share experiences and take the unknown out of the challenges you might face.

Over 90% of our members are in your category and you will make unbelievable friendships from all over the world.

Professionals and Volunteers

We are keen to develop partnerships and our video CV's will definitely increase the chances of employment for your members. You can also advertise your local events and fundraising initiatives.

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Do you have a learning disability?

This is what our members say about us…

"This website is just fantastic. There are so many famous people with learning disabilities online. I can make new friends, but feel safe at the same time knowing that the site is being watched 24 hrs a day.

I can talk and make friends with thousands of other people with learning disabilities all over the world who can share my interests and I can have a laugh with."

Why Join?

  • Find new friends and have Fun
  • Have fun sending and receiving FREE texts
  • Join in with our safe chatrooms
  • Share your photos and hobbies
  • Learn about Specialhearts (romance section)
  • Get help with your job interview and getting employment
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