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Sunshine News From Our Friends Around The World

Dear valued members!
It's been a very busy six months and we thought it would be nice to share some of our news with you.....

Working Friends

Finding employment for the local youngsters in your area is a priority, getting their CV across is difficult, 90% of people with learning disabilities never manage to secure work. This site will enable them to load a video in action CV which we can then present to prospective employers.

Dating Friends

Lots of research has gone into this and it's being built now, why shouldn't people with learning disabilities find everlasting friendship? With the help of parents, carers and money raised thanks to you the site is well on it's way now.

Special Friends

As many of you know the charity runs the unique social network www.specialfriends.com

The site is used by thousands of people with learning disabilities and their parent's and carers, used in more than 55 countries. It's packed with fun, information and resources for your enjoyment, it is a safe haven for people in your area to go where there is no bullying thanks for out moderators and profanity filters.

And now, with thanks to you.....It is FREE!!


These will teach colleges/schools in your area how to create a video CV. The interactive workshops will be staged and you will be invited to hold a boom, microphone or become an extra.




Sorry we do not allow under 13 years olds, but have a look at this fantastic site.

Educational, fun and totally safe, Teachers and SEN tutors can join too

Heroes and Stars

Visit our Hero section and become a star. Read about inspirational characters and make them your friends.

Heroes and Stars
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